River Flow

There are several official water level gauges along the Snake River and its tributaries that are both available on line and current when the River is not frozen.  We strongly encourage canoeists to check these gauges here before canoeing a) the upper Snake River above Mora, and b) the lower Snake River below Pine City, as these stretches have steep gradients and are impassable in low water.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources had a river level gauge at the Ford Township Bridge east of Woodland but that gauge has been removed.  The other two river level gauges are monitored weekly and are located at Mora and at the Cross Lake Dam near Pine City.  Minnesota DNR Snake River report.

The U. S. Geological Survey has a real-time river level gauge on the Snake River near Pine City. (Be patient–this USGS link loads slooowly because it collects current data as it loads.)   We use this one to monitor the river level of the Snake River for canoeing purposes.

The normal monthly distribution of streamflow in the Snake River has been recorded near Pine City.  This information is helpful for long range planning for canoeing trips on the River.  Go to Snake River near Pine City.