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Forest Classification and Off Highway Vehicle Road/Trail Designation for the Snake River State Forest

Effective September 1, 2009, the Snake River State Forest is closed to all motorized traffic, including ATV traffic, as ordered by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Mark Holsten, November 4, 2008.  These lands, including Section 16 of Ford Township,  the Hay-Snake Wildlife Management area and surrounding tax-forfeit lands managed by the DNR will be walk-in only.  Off-road parking is available at the trailheads along the Ford Township  roads east of Woodland.

DNR staff have completed signage for the walk-in trail system.   DNR conservation officers will be educating visitors to the Snake River State Forest about these new land use rules.



DNR Snake River Website

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a website for the Snake River on it’s water trails web page.  This website has basic information for canoeists about skills required for different sections of the River, water level reports, maps and a slide show (like ours above) with scenes from different sections of the River.  The map is especially useful.To view this map click on the following link: Canoe Routes Map

Please take our advice following nearly 40 years of salvaging canoeists from this River: Please check the water levels before you launch!  Most of the summer the River is too low to canoe, and believe us canoeing over exposed rocks is no fun.


Check for Snake River water levels

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports river levels at four locations along the Snake River between Pine City and the Ford Township bridge east of Woodland.  These reports are updated weekly. They report valuable information for those planning canoeing or boating activities on the River. Check out the DNR Snake River water level reports, or check out the USGS gauge at Pine City for up to the minutes reports.


Welcome to Ford Township

The Snake River State Forest is accessed through Ford Township in the northern part of Kanabec County.  You can learn more about Ford Township by visiting the website.