The Snake River flows through Ford Township and the Snake River State Forest in the northern parts of Kanabec County.

The Snake River Canoe Race, held each spring near Mora, maintains its own website with registration and other important information.

The Friends of the of the North West Company Snake River Fur Post have an informative website covering events, membership, contacts, directions, links and pictures.

The Rivers Council of Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Minnesotans protect, restore and enjoy our 92,000 miles of streams and rivers.  See their website at: The Rivers Council of Minnesota.

American Rivers is North America’s leading national river conservation organization.  Their mission is to protect and restore America’s river systems and to foster a river stewardship ethic.  Visit American Rivers.

Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation is based in Duluth.  Their purpose is to restore, protect, and preserve peace and quiet, fresh air, personal safety and healthy environments on Minnesota trails and waterways for future generations.  Their particular concerns are related to noise, fumes and danger created by snowmobiles, high-powered watercraft and off-highway vehicles. Visit Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation.

Pine City is the largest community in the Snake River Watershed.  See their website at: Welcome to Pine City, Minnesota.

Mora is near the center of the Snake River watershed.  Take a virtual visit to Mora.

The Kanabec County Historical Society offers a museum and activities at the Kanabec History Center in Mora.  Take a virtual visit.  They offer a brief history of Kanabec County on-line too.  Kanabec County History.