Lightning Strikes

I apologize for the absence of fresh images of the Snake River on the front page of our website.  The cause is lightning.  In some past years a lightning strike would disable our StarDot camera.  We would send the camera back to California to have its motherboard repaired.  In 2018 this happened twice.  So far in 2019 this has happened three times.  The last lightning strike completely fried the camera and the modem through which the signal from the camera is collected and transmitted.  We have ordered a new camera and replaced the modem.  I hope to get the image restored very shortly.

Not only are we being hit by lightning more often than in the past, but the water level in the Snake River is far above historical averages.  This is due to climate change–specifically the warming of the air.  Warmer air carries more moisture than cooler air, and so rains are more frequent and heavier than in the past.  Minnesota seems to be more affected by warmer temperatures than other parts of the United States.  The evidence (and consequences) of warmer air and heavier rains are evident on the front page of this website.

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  1. Weve had some bad storms in Kanabec County and lots of rain this summer. High water everywhere. Hopefully the camera doesnt get hit again. Do you have some more wolf pictures to post?

    (Mouse House Gang)

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