Wolves Up (Very) Close

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Just how close can you get to a wild wolf?  These guys stay far away from me when I am out in the woods of northern Kanabec County (Ford Township).  I might catch a glimpse of a wolf once every three or four years.  But my game cameras are out there in their territory 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, just waiting for something to walk by and take a pcture.  So here are some very close up views of the wolves that I live with.  All were taken within a mile of my cabin–some within sight of the cabin.  I have hundreds of photos of wolves taken by my game cameras since wolves moved into my area around 2010.  But most were taken at night by infrared light, and are in black and white.  These are daylight shots and in color.  These wolves were within 10 feet of my camera, and some just a foot or two. – Tom Mortenson


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