My Local Bear

Bears started showing up on my game cameras on April 3 this year.  They come out of hibernation hungry because they have not been foraging since last November when they hibernated.  So in April and again this month the bears are showing up occasionally on my cameras, and in many widespread locations.  They are on the move.

This bear has been around my cabin since April 3.  Looks healthy and active.  In the past we have had problems with bears when we were careless about garbage.  They have terrific sniffers, and several years ago one came up on the deck at the cabin after we had grilled dinner then left the grill cover open to cool and air out.  They have also gnawed and clawed on the cabin and biffy, and I have found bear paw prints on cabin windows. But they are bashful, and on occasion when I walk up on a bear in the woods they scurry away.

My main problem with bears comes when they find my game cameras and decide to play with the camera as a toy.  At least half the time when I get a picture of a bear, the bear will see my camera, turn toward it, stick his face in the camera, then begin batting it around.  One bear tore the camera off the tree and the subsequent pictures from the camera included sky, grass, eyeball, sky, weeds, bear, sky, grass, face, sky, etc., until he got bored and moved on.  This is why some of my game cameras are located in metal bear-proof boxes that are cable-locked to trees. – Tom Mortenson

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